Hinged doors, sliding doors and window grilles using ALSPEC Grilles custom made by Nepean Valley Doors


Hinged doors, sliding doors and window grilles using ALSPEC Grilles custom made by Nepean Valley Doors.
  • Protection for your family
  • Custom made to provide optimum protection and ease of use
  • Extruded aluminium frame 
  • Includes heavy duty metal corners 
  • Grilles riveted to the frame 
  • Filed corner edges
  • Choice of quality tempered grille designs
  • Huge range of colours 
  • Colour coded locks and hinges where possible
  • Lock at appropriate height
  • Kids in, insects out 
  • Low maintenance, great looks 
  • Peace of mind 

Single and Double diamond doorsavailable.
The hinged doors can be upgraded by adding a three point locking system, pin cylinder and 3 pronged hinges, on sliding doors interlocking angles.

Accessories that can be added to your door;
• One way Vision mesh                • Polycarbonate
• Pet doors                                     • Closers and bug seals.
• Adaguard shields                       • ½ panels
• Petscreen mesh

ALSPEC grilles

All Standard doors made with ALSPEC Grilles are a quality product that include fire retardant mesh, (the insect mesh screen we use on your door is fire retardant) it smoulders (does not catch a light) and then goes out. Whitco double sided key operated lock. This is the standard lock, key operated on both sides, has a snib and a wafer cylinder. 

Hinged and sliding designs available using ALSPEC Grilles

A127 Standard Diamond 
A227 Decorative Diamond 

Standard colours for 7mm diamond doors.

Mill, Clear Anodised, Bronze anodised, Pearl White, Brown, Primrose, Pottery, Stone Beige, A.P.O. Grey, Surfmist Matt,m White Birch, Anotec Dark Grey, Satin Black Notredame, Hawthorn Green, Deep Ocean, Ultra Silver, Pale Eucalypt, Charcoal, Woodland Grey, Monument, Dune Satin, Jasper.

Standard colours for A227 Decorative diamond. - Colour range decreases and grilles get wider.

Mill, Clear anodised, Bronze anodised, Pearl White, Brown, Primrose, Stone beige, White Birch, Satin Black, Notredame, Hawthorne Green.

Custom colours 
Other colours may be available upon request, but as they will need to be especially powder coated they attract an additional charge. 


  • Closer - stops the door from slamming or not closing behind you.
  • Adaguard Shield - stops fingers poking through the screen and unlocking the door
  • One way vision mesh - under certin light conditions it prevents someone on the outside looking in
  • Bug seal - Prevents insects walking underneath your door
  • Petscreen mesh - Up to 9 times stronger than normal mesh
  • 3 point locking system - offers extra protection in 3 points, not just the standard middle of the door only
  • 1/2 Panel - one piece of aluminium covers the bottom half of the door, replacing the grille, used for pets or keeping rain out
  • Pet Door - Small, Medium or large. Can be added during door assembly or later

Quality custom made products for your home

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