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ClearShield's Stainless Steel Security Doors and Screens provide optimum visibility allowing you to enjoy the view and breeze by leaving your doors and windows open without compromising security.
Clear, Clean and just doesn't get any better
Whilst remaining discreet, Clearshield provides unrivalled strength and durability. 
Clearshield 304 stainless steel is stronger than 316 marine grade stainless steel. 
This patented product is well known in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region for its strength and innovative design. The 'One Piece' black perforated 304 stainless steel sheet withstands enormous impact.
This is a break-through in material strength engineering and has been tested and passed to all relevant Australian standards. Using high grade stainless steel, Clearshield screens are finished in a strong and durable powder coated black finish.
This non-porous finish is modern looking and easy to clean. An amazing degree of clarity is preserved when Clearshield screens are installed, due to its unique structural composition

-Maximum Visibility
-Corrosion Resistant
-Easy to Clean
-Mosquito Proof
-Has been tested to the following Australian Standards
 Knife Shear Test (AS5039 - 2008)
 Impact Test (AS5039 - 2008)
 Anti-Jemmy Test (AS5039 - 2008)
 Bushfire Standard (AS3959 - 2009)
 U Value, Solar Heat Gain Co-efficiency and Visible Light Transmission testing
-Aesthetically Pleasing, no ugly bars or grills.
-Extruded aluminium frames.
Metal corner stakes
- Filed corner edges
- Colour coded locks and hinges where possible
- Lock at appropriate height
- Kids in, flies out
- Low Maintenance, great looks

Clearshield Stainless Steel Security Doors allow you to enjoy the view and breeze by leaving your doors and windows open, without compromising security. Their Security Doors provide a virtually impenetrable barrier with optimum visibility.

Standard Colours:
Black Satin, Classic Hawthorn Green, Notre Dame, New Hamersley Brown, Primrose, White Birch, Stone Beige, Pearl White, Anodised Bronze, Clear Anodised, Mill Finish, Paperbark, Woodland Grey, Dune, Deep Ocean
Decowood (Available at an additional cost):
Bush Cherry, Western Red Cedar, Snow Gum and Casuarina     


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